Caramel Classic

caramel Fin.jpg
caramel Fin.jpg

Caramel Classic

19.00 49.00

Runtime: 49 Minutes

Skill Level: All

Format: Video On Demand (Link in email)

Come and join me in this Caramel Classic Photography and Post Process Tutorial. Watch this image transform into an artwork!

What can you expect to learn in this session:

  • The key to light and a clear explanation of direction of light and the conditions on that day. You will learn about Kelvin temperatures and more!

  • Preparation of the image in LR and how to create your own preset

  • Run a basic action as well all customizing the action to your taste

  • Learn to do advanced color selection and toning

  • Understanding of color theory and why I changed it the way I did!

Required Software:

Basic requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 - Adobe Lightroom cc


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