My Skater Girl


My Skater Girl

19.00 49.00

Runtime: Approx 1 hour 8 Minutes

Skill Level: All

Format: Video On Demand (Link in email)

Come and join us on this urban style portrait session with Amy!

For most of you that follow my work around the world you’ll notice I shoot a lot of portraits in nature and largely have beautiful pastel earthy palettes. This time we decided to spice up the portfolio with some playful colors!

We cover a number of key points in this session and listed below is a small snippet of the many things we do cover:

  • Secrets to the light patterns in this image with a BTS video and 3d street view

  • Camera settings and explanation behind the settings! The why’s!

  • The effects of different perspectives that allow you to hide unwanted distractions + alter the perception of DOF

  • A detailed explanation of colors in the image with the differences in mindset between shooting urban and nature environments

  • The mindset behind the idea in the session. So we’re talking about expanding the creative mind!

  • Tips on the pose we used for this photo

  • A creative look at how we grade colors using Photoshop

  • Frequency separation

  • Color and hue changes

  • Dodging and burning

Required Software:

Basic requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 - Adobe Lightroom cc

Optional : Niksoft Collection


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