Super 8 - April 2019 Bundle

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super 8 april.jpg

Super 8 - April 2019 Bundle

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The Super 8 - April Bundle is awesome collection of 8 highly detailed edit and photography sessions created this April. It allows you to purchase all 8 sessions at a discounted offer.

In these sessions we don’t just edit but talk you through every step of the process from how we judged the lighting all the way to the end in Photoshop. There is roughly 8 hours of video content geared towards dramatically improving your photography!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased any of these sessions and wish to purchase the rest please email us for a special code!

For an overview of each session click the links here:

  1. Caramel Classic:

  2. The Spring Flower Swing:

  3. Urban Autumn:

  4. Yellow and Blue…a new you:

  5. Summer Pastels:

  6. Little Racer:

  7. Magnolia Dreams:

  8. Maternal Gold:

All these sessions are hosted online for your convenience to watch on the go!

Thank you for the awesome support!

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