Daniel is an Award-Winning Portrait Photographer that loves photographing people! I started in 2013 when I took newborn photos of my daughter Amy. She now features in many of my photos! It’s been a journey with a lot of hours spent practicing, pushing the limits, self-criticism, sacrificing social life and family time in pursuit of my dream of becoming a full-time photographer! The journey continues and I’m hoping you are coming along for the ride to discover the creativity within you!

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Why would you want to watch me edit my photos when there’s so much free content on the web?

There’s a ton of content out there, and while we can get it for free, it isn’t always valuable. It also takes time to find the right solutions to what you struggle most with! I’m sharing all the in-depth knowledge that has allowed me to grow as a photographer. I teach you photography and post-production skills in a way that will help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be! I teach you to see images the way I see them so you can become an Award-Winning Portrait Photographer! To see the collection of tutorials Click Here