Golden Soulful Critique

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Golden Soulful Critique

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Duration of session: 30 minutes

How we connect: Skype

Golden Critique:

In this age of Social media and especially in photography groups everyone is quick to pass Constructive Criticism at every turn but never back their cc with valuable feedback. More often than not they part with cc that’s geared to knock you down and demean your work. It’s because of this that many fear to post their work on social media and feel that they are not worthy of posting their work, even worse not feel worthy of being a photographer!

Come to my corner and leave the naysayers behind and get the soulful critique that will leave you with positive inspiration and motivation. So how does it work?

It’s an awesome Skype session with me where we’ll look at 3 of your images and deconstruct them and look at all the elements, the good, the bad and the ugly and we’ll look at changing your perception going forward!

Sometimes we look at our images and just can’t figure out what’s wrong with them or we just want honest opinions on them! If that’s you, then I’m your guy! Don’t fear when Dan is near lol!

All I require is 3 of your images as follows

Your favorite image

The image you like but just can’t figure out how to make it look better

An image that you feel you think you failed on

There’s going to be so many golden nuggets of information shared to this is going to be a learning session going forward. The constructive critique that will leave you positive rather than negative!

Time for change is now! Let’s Crush 2019 in style!

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