PRE-RECORDED 1-to-1 Masterclass

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1 to 1 masterclass.png

PRE-RECORDED 1-to-1 Masterclass

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The Pre-Recorded 1-to-1 Masterclass

Runtime: Approx 2 hours 17 minutes

If you don’t have Skype or stable internet connection this prerecorded masterclass is for you!

In this exclusive release, come and join us as I reveal the core elements to my images. We’ll be looking at:

  • Lighting

  • Key elements of composition

  • Impact of colors in an image

  • Everything that I look out for in my images to create consistency

  • I’ll also do some image editing on one of my students images

The entire session is filled with Q & A’s So if you’re looking for the secrets to how I approach my photography this session is for you!

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