Discover how to find phenomenal light, capture exceptional photos, and turn your images into extraordinary works of art.

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Capturing that one perfect shot can be overwhelming...

… between choosing the right lens to get that perfect shot, dialing in the correct settings to nail your exposure, “finding the light”, posing your subjects, editing the perfect masterpiece — there are just SO many moving parts that go into creating a work of art you can be proud to deliver.

Does this sound like you…

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone!

Believe me, many photographers at all different experience levels can totally relate — scouring through hours of information overload available on the web — everyone teaching a totally different complicated technique leaving you either totally confused or left wanting more.

How would you like me to walk you step by step from start to finish as you create your very own masterpiece from scratch?

These unique tutorials go beyond just editing...

Who can benefit from this Membership?

New or aspiring photographers

Shoot, create, captivate, and fast track your photography and post-production learning experience. The lessons will help new or aspiring photographers see more creatively, prepare better before shooting, scan your scenes more carefully, and add that special touch to get that perfect image.

experienced or pro photographers

Even for experienced photographers and Photoshop users, you’re guaranteed to learn new techniques you didn’t know before. Additionally, you’ll gain new insights and discover inspirational content and concepts to help demonstrate the principles of creative photography and editing.

This program is uniquely designed for ALL photographers.  

— Get instant access to all of the tutorials, downloads, resources… everything! —

What's inside?

Shoot Create Captivate membership access is ALL inclusive, which means there are zero additional charges or hidden fees. You pay one price for unlimited access to ALL the premium products – no catches. This includes dozens of individual video courses, tutorials, and workshops that brings together everything Daniel Venter has thought and learned over his extensive career.

Photography Skills

  • Finding perfect natural light.
  • Achieving great in-camera results.
  • Posing and guiding subjects.
  • Master Manual Exposures.
  • Choosing great locations.


  • Step by step editing process.
  • Secrets to a soft yet detailed finish.
  • Discover a speedy yet creative edit process.
  • Understanding the tools of Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Raw files included to follow along with tutorials.

& Much More

  • Insight into different portrait genres.
  • Get access to practical and detailed diagrams.
  • Unlock exclusive behind the scenes action.
  • Discover the common mistakes when shooting in natural light.
  • Join our exclusive supportive creative community

What you will learn

Watch entire post processing sessions and follow along at your own pace.​

Lessons for Portrait Photographers, Family Photographers, Newborn Photographers, Maternity Photographers, Wedding Photographers and more.

Hello there, I'm Daniel Venter!

I’m an Award-Winning Portrait Photographer and the Founder of Shoot, Create, Captivate! I started in 2013 when I took newborn photos of my daughter Amy — she now features in many of my photos. 

It’s been a journey with a lot of hours spent practicing, pushing the limits, self-criticism, sacrificing social life and family time in pursuit of my dream of becoming a full-time photographer.

The journey continues and I’m hoping you are coming along for the ride to discover the creativity within you.

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You’ll also gain exclusive access to the growing collection of tutorials and workshops taught by Daniel Ventor. New courses added regularly.

What the members are saying

I can not believe how much I learned from this tutorial. I thought I was pretty proficient in Photoshop but I learned so much. Your tip for my Sony files was worth the cost alone. You are an amazing instructor and it was so easy to follow.
Debbie Vosejpka
I love, love, love this tutorial! The attention to skin tones and enhancement of the eyes is excellent. Great job Daniel! I am so happy I got the annual membership. I have learned so much in such a short period of time.
Diane Welter
This tutorial is outstanding. The instruction is clear, concise, and very much to the point. Daniel walks you through some fantastic editing techniques that really helps add that magical a touch to an image. I’ve been scouring the internet for months to find tutorials that don’t lose the viewer by 20 minutes in. His instruction left me wanting more. I highly recommend subscribing to take your skills to the next level!
Cara Malfi
I cannot speak highly enough of Daniel's videos. I do consider myself an experienced photographer, but Daniel's videos are teaching me things I did not know or consider as another option. He is very helpful if you have any questions. His video's are easy to follow and not only show you how to shoot and edit, but also the why's. If you are on the fence about subscribing to the yearly pass, jump off the fence and click the purchase button.
WOW. I feel like my previous understanding of light in photography (chasing golden hour, for example) all just went out the window, replaced by Daniel's focus on finding the "open shade" and watching the base of tree trunks to pinpoint exactly where the sunlight is coming from. Excited to dig into your other workshops!
Jong Lee
Thank you for a great lesson! Even tho i have been using photoshop for years i still learn something new!
Melissa Davis
This was so easy to follow. Even if you are experienced, he does a great job at solidifying the information.
Robin Atwood
Wow! That was a lot of super useful info, tips and tricks, very well explained. Can't wait to watch every single other tutorial in the subscription!
Daniela Grundmann
Thank you so much Daniel for sharing your work! Your tutorials are so amazing and helpful. Thanks again for pointing me in the direction to download the files for the frequency separation. I totally missed this. Thanks again, already excited to watch the others.
Emma Gallivan

Seriously, click to check out the full list. It’s a remarkable collection.

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