Prize Draw TIme! Win a Wacom Intuos M Black Creative Tablet this june!

So today marks the beginning of our Bi-Monthly prize draw! Any purchases made between now and 30th June are automatically entered into the draw! You can win the awesome Wacom Intuos M Black Creative Tablet! (One I always rely on in my workflow) 

Read more about the tablet:
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We will have a live on facebook prize draw to announce the winner!


How to prepare images for facebook!

I’m often asked how I achieve such sharp and clear photo uploads onto facebook and as an upgrade to my previous post I thought I would create a video tutorial on how I prepare the images in an easy to follow step by step process!

Check out the video below to learn how. I hope you find it useful!

Thank you for the support!

Daniel and Eva

The Ultimate Prize Draw - Win an 85mm 1.8 Lens

So today marks the beginning of our next prize draw! To qualify anyone purchasing for $40 or more between 13th December 2018 and 12 January 2018 will be entered! This time you can win an awesome 85mm 1.8 lens!! Yes, you heard right! This is a staple lens in the portrait photographers camera bag and we’re giving it away to one lucky prize draw winner! As they say “You got to be in it to win it!” So the winner could be you! Do you feel lucky??

Choose from Sony, Nikon or Canon!
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The Draw for the Wacom Tablet is Now CLOSED! WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED ON 14TH December 2018

So today marks the beginning of our next prize draw! To qualify anyone purchasing for $20 or more between 13th November 2018 and 12 December 2018 will be entered! This time you can win the awesome Wacom Intuos M Black Creative Tablet! (One I always rely on in my workflow) 
Remember that we have the Special offer on tutorials! They are only $10 each when using the code: FLASH9

obrazek (1).jpeg

"A Husky Adventure" - An exclusive behind the scenes view!


For the first time ever we’ve released some Video Footage of the behind the scenes moments showing how we captured those awesome Husky images! Meet the team involved and experience first hand what kind of work went into the session! Children and animals are always awesome to work with :-) See the final results below!

In this photoshoot we used:

The Nikon D810

Nikon 85mm 1.8 G

Nikon 200mm f2 ais manual focus lens from 1977



Come and join the largest and fastest Photoshop and Photography group on Facebook!

I belong to a number of Facebook photography groups but the group I enjoy the most is the Photoshop and Photography Group! There’s near on 400 000 members already and still growing!

If you’re looking for a new group to join and share you work this is the place to be. We have a number of truly inspiring members in the group who share their art often.

Come and follow myself and share your work in the group! Click the link and join in the fun!

See you all there and thank you for the awesome support!

How to resize images for Facebook!

I often get asked how I achieve sharp results when uploading my images to Facebook. It’s a pretty simple process but there are small steps that do impact the results! Lets check out how it’s done:

Here’s the steps

  • Open your image in Adobe Photoshop (Any version)

  • Head on over to the image menu and select image size (Short cut is CTRL + ALT + I for windows or CTRL + CMD + I on a mac)

  • Go to the longest edge and set it to 2048px and leave the resolution alone!

  • Go down the menu further and check the box next to “Resample” then from the list select Bicubic Sharper)

  • Click Ok - It will resize your image and you’ll notice it looks nice and crisp. You can add a little more sharpness to the image by navigating to Filter>sharpen>unsharp and apply as needed

  • Save your image as a png and upload to facebook!

Facebook resolution

Our New Monthly Prize Draw (cLOSED)

50mm competition

We’re Thrilled to announce our first of many monthly prize draws!!!

Anyone purchasing to the value of $20 and above between 12 October and 12 November 2018 will be automatically entered into our monthly prize draw! We’re give away a choice in 50mm 1.8 from one of three brands: Nikon, Canon or Sony!

The Prize draw has now ended! The winner will be announced via email and live on our facebook page! Like our page and turn on notifications to get notified when we go live!


Come and Join the fastest growing Facebook Photoshop and Photography Group!

Founder of Photoshop and Photography Facebook group

Founder of Photoshop and Photography Facebook group

Today's special feature takes us to a fantastic group on Facebook! Photoshop and Photography!

I personally joined the group a few years back in the infancy of my career as a full-time photographer. There's been literally hundreds and thousands of inspirational images shared backed by some fabulous tips and tricks.

So where did the group start? Who is the mastermind behind it? Let's find out more by asking the founder Andrew Kavanagh! Tell us more!

"I am a Photoshop and Lightroom tutor and Retoucher. I created the Photoshop and Lightroom group on Facebook on October 6th, 2010 and recently changed the name to Photoshop and Photography. 

The focus of the group is to be helpful and friendly. It is a forum where members share their content across various genres and receive constructive criticism.

You will also find a section with hundreds of video tutorials from which to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography currently called Units.

The group is on its way to passing 300,000 members soon! Come join this wonderful group that is for both beginners and seasoned Pros!" To join the group click HERE





Solution to the Wacom tablet panning image instead of drawing or painting!

Disable Windows Ink For Your Wacom Tablet & Keep Pressure Sensitivity In Adobe Photoshop.

Kindly follow the following advice to solve this problem:-

Disable Windows Ink From Wacom Tablet Properties if you haven’t already.

You can access this dialog from the start menu.



Open Notepad, or any text editor of your choice

As long as it can save files with the TXT extension.

Type the following lines in the file:-

# Use WinTab

UseSystemStylus 0

The first line is not really necessary, as it’s a comment. And it just tells Photoshop to use Wintab on its own.

Save the file with the name PSUserConfig.txt

Place this file Into Photoshop settings folder.

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\<Photoshop Version>\<Photoshop version> Settings\

The exact path is different based on the version of Photoshop version you have installed, as well as the username you are logged in with. In my case, the path was like this on the computer I am typing this with:-

C:\Users\daniel\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Settings

Note:- The AppData folder is hidden by default. You need to unhide it first before proceeding, or to just paste the folder name in Windows Explorer. Click here for the instructions on how to unhide folders in different versions of Windows.

Restart windows and your problem has been resolved!