How to resize images for Facebook!

I often get asked how I achieve sharp results when uploading my images to Facebook. It’s a pretty simple process but there are small steps that do impact the results! Lets check out how it’s done:

Here’s the steps

  • Open your image in Adobe Photoshop (Any version)

  • Head on over to the image menu and select image size (Short cut is CTRL + ALT + I for windows or CTRL + CMD + I on a mac)

  • Go to the longest edge and set it to 2048px and leave the resolution alone!

  • Go down the menu further and check the box next to “Resample” then from the list select Bicubic Sharper)

  • Click Ok - It will resize your image and you’ll notice it looks nice and crisp. You can add a little more sharpness to the image by navigating to Filter>sharpen>unsharp and apply as needed

  • Save your image as a png and upload to facebook!

Facebook resolution