Don’t take my word for it but I’m thrilled to share the feed back from many Photographers across the globe!

Thank you for all the kind words and support!

Daniel is not only an incredible photographer but also a fantastic teacher. I had a 1 on 1 masterclass session with him and I learned more in that one hour with him than I would have in endless hours on my own. I’m excited to check out his other tutorials and to meet with him in the future again!
— Kate Porter
I just purchased two of Daniel’s online tutorials and they are probably the best, most detailed and easy to understand tutorials I have purchased to date. Love your work Daniel, and a privilege to learn from someone like you.
— Belinda Pratt
Excellent tutorials...
Always eager to see his photos and the BTS process of how he captured and edited his images.
— Tina Strickland
Very knowledgeable and caring photography teacher who has an outstanding gallery of photographs to prove that he knows what he is talking about. I took a Master Class with him because I liked his style of photography and it immediately elevated certain important aspects of my photographic skills. I am not a Lightroom nor Photoshop user but I still benefited from the class. If you are a Lightroom or Photoshop user, I believe you will benefit much more than I did. Highly recommended!
— Dennis Gonzalo
I just binged four of his tutorial videos. They are really amazing. Not to fast, not to slow and with a lot of humor. I work in the e-learning business and watched about 80+ online courses, but this tutorials are exceptional good.

I immediately tried some of the concepts on my last photo session and the results are gorgeous. I can really say it transformed my post processing and took my pictures to the next level.

I also contacted Daniel with a few follow up questions and got a quick and friendly reply.

Thumbs up for his work and his tutorials! Keep up the good work!
— Daniel Thulfaut
Amazing courses by an amazing instructor! Prompt replies and teaches you in a way guaranteed for you to understand! Thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your knowledge Daniel. Whomever hasn’t tried the tutorials, you dont know what you are missing! Worth every penny!
— Maria N YKnot
Heard for Daniel via google search engine, and bookmarked web page since then. As all of us, had a chance to see all those marvelous pictures, and indeed was intrigued how were they made. Bought my first two tutorials, and I must say, I use some of those techniques on a daily basis. After that I saw the master class sessions about nature light, and said to myself, you need to try it. Booked my time, Daniel is very communicative person, open minded and is trying to help sharing his experience and knowledge. On the session we covered a lot of basis, I even was able to ask some questions, and get good answers to them, got recorded video of our skype conversation in the end, so I can rewind anytime I want to come back to some point. Bought another 2 tutorials after and each of those is like a golden goose. So this is my shout out to all you people, that are still unsure whether or not to get engaged in tutorials or even master class, just do it. It is worth for your buck. There’s no need to have camera open, so you can sit in your comfy pijamas, drink tea and relax in smooth conversation. And ask questions, it’s important, because you will get your answers. Cheerio for Daniel and all future photographers!
— Nemanja Stanković