Embrace Green - Shoot Create Special Series

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Embrace Green - Shoot Create Special Series

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“Embrace Green”

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

Skill Level: All

Format: Video On Demand (Link in email)

Welcome to a new series of photography and post processing training!

Start learning to be more than just a photographer but a master of light, color and artistic vision!

We’re taking you “Live” on the location then back to the studio to edit what we have captured! The entire process from start to finish!

In this series I’m giving you a multi camera view of the scene so you can see what I see and even better, join me directly through the viewfinder. You’ll get to see the challenges faced and how we deal with them as well as how we communicate ideas and create the mood overall.

In this session I’ll be showing you how I shoot 3 different lenses each rendering different but interesting perspectives of the scene. You get to see precise settings like, iso, shutter and apertures as well as white balance settings. The through the viewfinder views also give you the “Real-Time” exposure so what you’re seeing there is what’s being captured. The straight out of camera results in this session were to die for! Perfect light found extremely easily!

Just a brief snap shot of what you will learn:

  • How we found the light! I’ll be showing exactly where the light is coming from and why we don’t have severe green casts

  • How the concept of the shoot was born

  • We take you through 3 lenses “live” on location so you can see the varied results from just this scene

  • The settings in camera as shown through our unique through the viewfinder views in action!

  • How we posed her and communicated the vision + more

  • I’ll be covering the entire post process of 3 images and show you how I sync the edits so you achieve consistent colors via LR and PS

  • You’ll understand the different approaches to each image edit and the different challenges each has

  • How to edit the greens so you don’t have to suffer with crazy neon greens for your images

  • Removing traces of color casts

  • How to give hair a little more volume

  • Creating the overall dreamy feel with multiple methods

To be honest this session is pretty much handing you the whole process on a plate! The works! I’ve seen the trend of desaturated greens but I’m going to show you a new found love of green by just thinking a little more creatively!

Required Software:

Basic requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 - Adobe Lightroom cc


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