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A Family Portrait

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Join us for this casual family portrait out in the park in beautiful natural light!


What you'll learn in this session

Raw Image File Included

  • I begin by explaining the properties of this natural light and how I found the light
  • What is the focal plane an how I keep everyone in perfect focus even shooting wide open apertures
  • Basic corrections in Lightroom to prepare the image for Photoshop
  • How I identify aspects of the image that need to work on and improve breaking the image into object and color distractions
  • Using content-aware healing brushes and clone tools
  • Reshaping subjects using the Liquify tools
  • Change color hues and luminance to simplify colors
  • Skin tones corrections
  • How I use frequency separation

We’ve now introduced chapter markers making it easier to navigate to the different steps in the tutorial!

11 reviews for A Family Portrait

  1. Mark Petrie

    Such a comprehensive and instructional tutorial! Very helpful to see each and every step along the way. Also, watching you examine the photo for distractions is really helpful as well. Creating a uniform color palette really does make the image more pleasing to the eye. Very helpful and thorough!

  2. Fayez K

    very useful information. thank you Daniel 🙂

  3. Elizabeth MacArthur (verified owner)

    I wish I had found Daniel’s site a lot sooner. THANK-YOU so much!

  4. sandy richardson (verified owner)

    This is the first Tutorial I purchased during the Covid-19 down time. I realized how much I did NOT know. Learned several things and really enjoyed the edit!
    Gold Star Daniel !

  5. Michael Sabell (verified owner)

    Another fantastic tutorial! Thanks Daniel! I was also excited to see my name near the start, in your screen grab on Facebook (a notification popped up when I reacted to one of your posts) haha

  6. Andersen Anak Lani (verified owner)

    Very nice. My first tutorial from this website

  7. Danielle Griffith (verified owner)

    Wow, I was blown away. I just subscribed! I’m excited to learn more from you!

  8. Arun Sharma

    This is a lot of work on a single image – but thats how a magic will happen. Thank you for such a detailed explanation.

  9. Ventis Jansons

    Fantastic ! lots of new information !!!

  10. Mark Kuper

    Thanks Again for the great explanation!

  11. Lisa Lizarraga

    I loved this edit and learning skills to try on my next session, thank you

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