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A PasteL Family Portrait 2022

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Join me in this family portrait tutorial in Fabulous natural light!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

Includes actions + Raw File

  • We’ll explore the location via googles maps so you can get multiple views of the location and understand how I enterpreted the light which is a continuation from the tutorial “A senior Portrait”
  • I’ll show you natural light “tricks” to help you understand exactly how I analyse a scene for light and what I’m looking for!
  • I take you through the settings of the camera, the lenses and options you have to work with in this scene + understanding my point of view to white balance which helps achieve great skin tones!
  • Understand my composition and why I like opting for the “longer” lenses
  • Setting up a families pose to get them to automatically fall into the plane of focus so you can get everyone in focus (+ alternatives to getting all your subjects in focus!)
  • Dive into the mindset of the color changes I make to this image
  • Work with me through the post process and making super simple object selections, removing moire + much more!

4 reviews for A PasteL Family Portrait 2022

  1. Nina Hickey

    I love this location exploring, Daniel!! So Awesome!

  2. Michael Concepcion

    You helped me determine how to find locations to take portraits. I would normally just look for shady areas but knowing it is better to find an area with a large source of light made much more sense. Great video!

  3. Viktor Eszenyi

    Same time learning some basics and also advanced technics on camera settings, location, color matching, skin tones, retouch techniques, and much more. Great tutorial again!

  4. Kendra Greelish

    Nothing beats Dan’s tutorials!

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