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Joyful Afternoon Family Portrait – 2020

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Join us for this joyful afternoon family portrait session and discover the ins and outs of working with our subjects!
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What you'll learn in this session

Raw Image File + Actions Included

  • Learn the light pattern in this location and understand it’s properties
  • Camera setup and settings
  • The story of the shoot from start to finish and how we got the boys to co-operate naturally
  • Learn about the 3 most important components that influence the outcome of my final result
  • You’ll see SOOC results from different parts of the shoot and how we built up the confidence in our subjects to a point of an exciting shoot with joy!
  • Making all the corrections in LR and PS to create the final results including color simplification, correcting skin tones, image sharpness, and a whole lot more!


4 reviews for Joyful Afternoon Family Portrait – 2020

  1. Michael Sabell

    Love this! Beautifully explained as always, thanks Daniel!

  2. Marvella Duarte Coon

    Great Tutorial, Daniel. Thank you for sharing the first moments of your session … it has happened to me too! 🙂

  3. Matthew Alexander

    Absolutely loved this tutorial! I always make notes in Evernote from your classes and take those notes with me everywhere! I feel like somehow I’m cheating because everyone comments how much they love my photos and all I did was follow along with you our video! Best way to learn is to do it.

  4. Byron Totty (verified owner)

    Excellent lesson.

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