Autumn Portrait
85 minutes All skill levels

An Amy Autumn Portrait 2021

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Let’s get in close with an awesome head and shoulders portrait of Amy in the autumn leaves!

What you'll learn in this session


  • I’ll be taking you to the exact location to explore the light and get a grasp on how I get those catchlights in the eyes and more
  • We’ll be seeing how one finds that bi-directional light that will create natural rims of light around the subject
  • See how I use my “Hand Trick” to gauge the light
  • Learn about my lens and camera settings choice and which other alternatives there are!
  • We’ll cover the base corrections in LR and learn about a little sharpening trick that minimizes chances of additional noise as is with other regular sharpening methods
  • Identify distractions and fix them in PS
  • Learn to use FS to make skin tone corrections + many other fixes!

1 review for An Amy Autumn Portrait 2021

  1. Amy Wheeler

    My first tutorial that I have watched and I was blown away but what Daniel could achieve! His guidance is clear and easy to understand, and it is magical watching the image transform! Excited for my next one!

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