68 Minutes All skill levels

Autumn Brother and Sister 2021

$19.00 USD

Experience this awesome location for shooting a simple yet effective autumn portrait of a brother and sister!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

  • Explore the location with me “Live” and grasp the fundamentals of the awesome light patterns in this location!
  • We’ll be walking you through the multiple scenes in this location and teaching you how I observe the direction of natural light! (Time to ditch the reflectors and strobes)
  • Understanding the differences in focal lengths and how it impacts the field of view of the scene

After we’ve explored this location we’ll take you back to the studio for a full post-process session where you will learn:

  • To be analytical by identifying color and object distractions in this particular scene and how to go about changing them!
  • I’ll be guiding you through retouch of the skin tonality and using advanced methods such as Frequency separation and the mixer brush techniques
  • You’ll understand how to read the luminance of the image and apply dodge and burn to accentuate shape and form in the subject

There are many more gems along this journey with us that will help you to become more consistent in producing excellent out-of-camera results and acquiring a consistent editing method that is both creative and fast!


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