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Autumn Mother and Son

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$19.00 USD

Join us in this Autumn Family shoot with some really hyperactive kiddies!

This session is packed with a ton of detail so buckle up and be ready to learn!

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Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial


What you'll learn in this session

New With Raw Image file!

  • How I set up to keep active children entertained during this family shoot
  • Understanding of the color theory and how we planned the colors (Also pointers on how we could have improved)
  • A complete and detailed overview of how we were able to achieve the soft, directional natural light pattern at this location.
  • What it took to get the right results at a camera level!
  • How easy it can be to shoot in locations with lots of buildings and how we can take advantage of these natural “light blockers”
  • How I approached shooting mother and son together and show you that we only had milliseconds to get the shot and move on! Through the viewfinder footage showing camera settings
  • Choosing the right image from the proofs based on micro-expressions and body positions
  • Effectively change colors so we play with complementary colors in the final edit
  • Full edit in LR and PS!

1 review for Autumn Mother and Son

  1. Michael Sabell (verified owner)

    Love your work as always Daniel! I am learning so much and can’t wait to apply them in my own photos!

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