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My Art of Dodge and Burn

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Learn to paint with light and shadows to create shape and dimension to your images with Dodge and Burn

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What you'll learn in this session

In this fundamentals tutorial, I will cover how I use Dodge and Burn in my images.

  • Understand the fundamentals required to get the most out of the process. Know what kind of light to look for or create!
  • I’ll give you an amazing way to visualize luminance (Highlights and shadows) values in your image that you can use to create a better reference to the effect
  • Analyze images for shadows and highlights and how I set up my painting method!
  • You’ll also learn how to use Dodge and burn to remove wrinkles! (This process works very well with the Frequency Separation process!)

4 reviews for My Art of Dodge and Burn

  1. Kendra Greelish

    Great tutorial! Daniel is the best!

  2. Julie-Anne Buck

    Great use of dodge & burn (so much easier digitally than in a darkroom!) to give added dimension to portraits.
    Plus a very useful technique for minimising wrinkles with a natural result. Perfect for clients that want to look ‘real’.

  3. nana.vegas143

    Daniel is an amazing teacher!!

  4. Julie-Anne Buck

    Packed with examples for using the dodge & burn technique for multiple applications (adding depth & dimension to images, smoothing clothing, minimising wrinkles & skin imperfections) along with the very useful ‘trick’ of utilising a black & white layer to better visualise the light & dark areas of your image. Highly recommended.

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