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My Little Red Riding Hood Special Edition

(7 customer reviews)

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Join us in creating that magic painterly effect that ultimately adds the fairytale feel to this image

little red riding hood tutorial

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What you'll learn in this session

In this Little Red Riding Hood Tutorial:

  • We will cover the fundamental elements required to maximize the painterly feel
  • Talk about camera settings and how this image was set up to make use of beautiful natural light
  • Remove unwanted elements using the content-aware filling and clone stamp tools
  • Work through the image to create that dimension and finally, cover off all that is required to create that magic painterly effect!
  • Some of the steps are experimental while at the same time being educational
  • Face swapping
  • Adding magical light rays

7 reviews for My Little Red Riding Hood Special Edition

  1. Cara Malfi

    Awesome tutorial! The rays of light created through the window, is an incredible trick. Definitely one worth writing down to remember for future use. As always, Daniel nails this tutorial with very useful info!

  2. Fayez K (verified owner)

    awsome tutorial

  3. Febrina Siregar (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic tutorial! Daniel is so generous with sharing his knowledge for such unbelievably very affordable price!!! Absolutely love his works.

  4. Andrea Robson

    Amazing tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing the very details I am looking to learn.

  5. Marvella Duarte Coon

    Love this tutorial! I learned so much! Thank you very much, Daniel.

  6. Shaun Rennie

    Wow!! This is so far my favourite tutorial from you! I’ve JUST finished watching. I previously watched your dodge and burn one which then lead me to come and watch this one. This is just beautiful! Definitely the style of editing I wish to achieve and I’m looking forward to putting this into practice on future images of my own. Absolutely world class tutorial.

  7. Lorraine Llavona (verified owner)

    This has been a very informative session and it has definitely opened my eyes, I’m very grateful I found you. Thank you for this Tutorial.

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