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My Winter Friend

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Join Amy and the awesome Australian Shepherd in this very wintery image tutorial!

Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial

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What you'll learn in this session

  • Get behind the scenes views of the location and understand how we were able to create a lot of DOF with the 85mm 1.8 lens
  • I’ll take you into the viewfinder so you get to experience the scene from my perspective
  • How I worked with Amy and the dog and how I was getting their attention
  • How I got both subjects in focus and how changing perspective can create an illusion of extra DOF
  • How to bring back details selectively using some powerful selection tool in Lightroom
  • Add sparkle into the eyes when light patterns are flat
  • Removing unwanted distractions easily
  • Creating depth and dimension
  • Understand the color theory
  • Using my new hair correction action

6 reviews for My Winter Friend

  1. Cara Malfi

    This tutorial is outstanding. The instruction is clear, concise, and very much to the point. Daniel walks you through some fantastic editing techniques that really helps add that magical a touch to an image. I’ve been scouring the internet for months to find tutorials that don’t lose the viewer by 20 minutes in. His instruction left me wanting more. I highly recommend subscribing to take your skills to the next level!

  2. newborns

    Daniel’s tutorials are FABULOUS! They are very detailed and the videos are at a pace that you can easily follow. I am learning so much from watching them and have many more to watch. I recommend subscribing to his 2020 videos. You won’t be disappointed. If I could give them a 6 star rating I would.

  3. sweems7

    Can’t say enough how amazing these tutorials are, I have learned so much over the last month just from watching. Every lesson is so full of information that I can watch them again and again and learn something new every time!

  4. J Davis

    An exceptional tutorial with clear examples of your awesome post processing techniques. The approach Daniel takes to these unique tutorials goes beyond how to use the tools, it also includes his artistic thought process and explanation of where and why he applies specific techniques. I highly recommend this tutorial in particular for those that enjoy shooting in the snow. I learned a lot from this one, as I have for each and every tutorial in Daniels collection.

  5. Racheal Halupa

    The first video I watched…and holy crow. You did things I didn’t know existed. SO much info, so well explained. Im going to need to take notes! Wow

  6. Gregorio Dela Cruz jr (verified owner)

    its an amazing tutorial, I really love it and so excited to try it my self

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