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Fundamental of Skin Tones

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Let’s solve skin tone issues together in this tutorial!

What you'll learn in this session

In this fundamentals tutorial, I will cover how I aim to shoot for and correct skin tones

  • the 2 biggest foundations on which good skin tones are based
  • Understand my use of Kelvin temperature in achieving a good baseline of skin tonality
  • Understand the external influences that can cause color casts on subjects skin and how I fix those issues in PS
  • Working with actual skin tones that have different color variations and how I balance those variations
  • We’ll look at AWB vs Custom balance 🙂

3 reviews for Fundamental of Skin Tones

  1. Diane Welter

    Excellent! The teeth whitening “hack” is perfect!

  2. Claire John-Lewis

    Thank you Daniel, I needed this for my latest shoot! Excellent tips as always

  3. Carlos Azevedo

    This is gold.

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