64 Minutes All skill levels

My Art of Dodge and Burn

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A detailed tutorial that covers my process of Dodge and Burn in my workflow!

Learn how I paint with light and shadows to create shape and dimension to my images! It’s your chance to add that creative flair to your images!

What you'll learn in this session

In this fundamentals tutorial, I will cover how I use Dodge and Burn in my images.

  • Understand the fundamentals required to get the most out of the process. Know what kind of light to look for or create!
  • I’ll give you an amazing way to visualize luminance (Highlights and shadows) values in your image that you can use to create a better reference to the effect
  • Analyze images for shadows and highlights and how I set up my painting method!
  • You’ll also learn how to use Dodge and burn to remove wrinkles! (This process works very well with the Frequency Separation process!)


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