62 Minutes All skill levels

Portrait in Blossoms

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In this tutorial we’ll be learning a new light hack to turn hard afternoon sunlight into amazingly soft diffused light ideal for portraits!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

Jpeg Image + Actions included

  • Learn how to change harsh afternoon light into amazing soft light easily without flashes or reflectors!
  • Understand the challenges of shooting in bright light and what to look out for
  • Get insight into the camera gear used and the settings for that scene
  • I’ll go through a mini-review of using the manual Samyang 135mm f2 lens end manual focus experiences
  • Understanding the effects of changing the subject’s position relative to the umbrella to create different light
  • Grasp post-processing techniques used to minimize color casts
  • Learn how I use Photoshops “Super Resolution” to double the resolution of my image!
  • Using Camera raw’s new masking solutions to edit specific parts of the image
  • Using Photoshops new subject selection masking tools
  • learn steps to correct skin tones and more!

Using a shoot-through umbrella to create amazing soft light


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