110mins All skill levels

Portraits in Lavender 2021

$19.00 USD

Join us on location for this photography and edit workshop!

Let’s shoot portraits in lavender and create magic together!

What you'll learn in this session

RAW File + Actions Included!

  • Join us on-location where you get to see me in action, finding beautiful light, interacting with Amy, and creating magical out-of-camera results!
  • Learn how I determine the best Natural light patterns to create a soft wash of light on my subject as well as the entire scene.
  • View images as they come off the camera as well as understanding the settings used and why.
  • How I convey the soft and gentle mood for these images with light, posing, and composition
  • Perfecting the straight out of the camera colors with the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport 2 (Overview)
  • The full post-process of my favorite image from the series
  • A new method of Frequency Separation with the mixer brush and so much more!


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