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Husky Love

Join me for this ‘Husky Love’ post-processing
tutorial, including a behind-the-scenes view
recording from my point of view during the

A Tale Of Winter Love

This tutorial follows a simple, structured approach making it easy for novices to easily learn. Let me help you grasp the concepts, the spirit of your subjects so you can simply Shoot, Create and Captivate!

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Brrrrr that was cold!! Come and join me for
this super cool ‘Winter Wonderland’ wedding

Autumn Smiles

Join me for this quick and easy Autumn edit session

My Spring Loves

Come join Amy and Eva for an afternoon Spring shoot!

Spring Love

In this awesome Spring special, we’ll have
a look at one of many of the images taken
from the session. Each week we’ll look at a
different image from the shoot and take you
through the post process.

Mother Love

In this tutorial, I discuss my lighting setup
in detail since it’s key to getting the results
we see here! I also discuss techniques for
avoiding green cast when shooting in forests
and woods, so no more issues with greens! I
cover that! I also go into detail of the camera
is set up for this image and give you alternative
options to achieving the bokeh and depth of

Keeping An Eye On You

Join Amy and me in this awesome Autumn
post-process tutorial and discover why she is
a Camera Traitor!

Bugs Life

Let’s go back in time for ‘Bugs Life’, one of my
very favorite shoots using my VW bug!

Forest Romance

In this beautiful wedding edit session you’ll
have an exclusive insight to what went into
creating the magic. I’ll talk about the technical
aspects and delve into the settings and gear
used and the challenges you can expect in a
magical forest location such as this!

Frame Of Love

Love is in the air with this beautiful wedding
session! Learn how I happened across the
location and how I setup the shot.

Maternal Moments

Join me for a special mother and daughter
maternal moment. A new life in the making is
always special and we want to create some-
thing magical for our clients to remember

Wedding Butterflies

Special things happen when you shoot in nature, like these butterflies that photobombed
the shoot! It’s safe to say this happy couple’s
wedding butterflies have gone!

Evolution Of Life

In this awesome maternity edit session, you’ll
have an exclusive insight into how I created
the magic. I’ve included behind-the-scenes
footage to give you a real sense of the location
and light I captured the couple in. Find out
how to turn a good image into a masterpiece!

Bridal Elegance

Join me in a moment of elegance with our
beautiful bride on her wedding day. This fairy-tale-like image is one the bride and groom will
cherish for years to come

On The Road Again

Join me on this magical misty day in late autumn to create this magic journey on the road!

Spring Dance

Join me for this quick Spring edit!

Hello Sunshine

Join me, my wife and my daughter in this awesome spring post-process tutorial!

My Poppy

In this session, I’ll take you on a journey into a
beautiful poppy field with Amy. It was a spur of
the moment shoot one late summer afternoon
and the light was just right! Suffice to say It
poured with rain 30 minutes later!

Maternal Compliments

Come with me on this awesome Autumn
maternity session! I’ll be going over a lot of
important details so keep your eyes and ears


Join me for one of my most popular maternity
sessions! I take a mundane jpeg and turn
it into a vibrant work of art, with soul and

He Did It!

Come and join me for this awesome session
where I captured the perfect connection between a child and man’s best friend! I take you
through the process step-by-step so you’ll
have the knowledge of seeing the image from
its starting point in Lightroom all the way to
the final, complete in its glory in Photoshop!

Red Riding Hood

Get an exclusive peek at our Red Riding hood
series, including many tips and tricks, keyboard shortcuts and more!

Pre-Recorded Zero To Natural Light Masterclass

Learn the secrets to my natural light portraits today!
Tired of lugging around strobes or want to dramatically change your understanding of how to read natural light? I've created this awesome pre-recorded natural light master class that will take you from ZERO to natural light master! You'll be blown away how simple it really is! I'm giving you the keys to unlock your understanding of this awesome light source!
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What you'll learn in this session

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Each post-process tutorial follows a very easy to understand workflow that allows you to become consistent while learning different techniques and working with different challenges. We talk about natural light, strobes, colors, poses, camera technique and much more! It’s a tiny investment into plenty of knowledge when you consider how expensive cameras and lenses are!

This investment will allow you to grow as a photographer and when you deliver jaw-dropping images to your clients it’s when this investment into your education will pay off! Start that journey today!