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A mother and her sons

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Join us for this very active session and capture the spirit of a mother and her sons in awesome natural light!


What you'll learn in this session

RAW IMAGE FILE INCLUDED! Now in 4k resolution playback!

  • Explore the location to understand how I found this awesome light and how I used natural light blockers to “guide” the light to my subjects
  • The psychology of working with the little boys and the challenges we faced but stayed patient!
  • How I set up my camera, understanding the kelvin temperatures I decided to go with
  • How I got all the subject in focus even shooting with wide apertures
  • How to use locations and changing your perspective can accentuate the DOF
  • Learn how I use frequency separation in 3 different ways to resolve different issues in the image
  • How I paint with light and shadows to create beautiful dimension in the image + much more!

Chapter markers help you navigate to specific points in the tutorials so you can easily find what’s important to you!

1 review for A mother and her sons

  1. Andrea Ditta

    Hi Daniel, great class. Thanks!
    The only thing i didn’t understand completely was the colour temperature. How do you decide what colour temperature did you set in your camera?
    and for example if you decide to set 5500K in the camera, then in camera raw you move the slider to that value?

    • Daniel Venter

      Thank you Ditta!!
      I set my camera up according to the color temperature of the scene. A good starting point is to look up the kelvin temperature scale for photography. It shows you the different light sources and what kelvin temperature the burn at e.g Daylight is typically anything from 5600k – 6500k

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