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Family Life

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Join us in this awesome family portrait session (The same family from “A Family Portrait”) in beautiful light!


What you'll learn in this session

Raw Image File Included!

  • Understanding the bidirectional light in the scene without using strobes or reflectors! Just pure beautiful natural light!
  • See the location behind the scenes
  • How to compensate for subjects on the different focal planes and why I shot at f2.8
  • The shoot time and camera setup in detail
  • Identifying key color and object distractions for this image and how to fix them
  • Initial fine-tuning the image in Lightroom
  • Learning all the steps in Photoshop to spice up the image!
  • Correction of skin tonality and removing unwanted skin imperfections easily
  • Quick hack to remove minor fly-away hair + much more!

6 reviews for Family Life

  1. firefly090

    This was great for fixing skin tones and overall tones. I was able to pause and continue the video while editing my own image to follow the steps.

  2. Heather Kazmierczak

    This was such a detailed tutorial! I learned many knew things and I’m grateful for that! What a great teacher you are!

  3. Christine Chadwick (verified owner)

    Very helpful!

  4. alsparkman5

    Marvelous…..Love watching you work…..

  5. alsparkman5

    Another great tutorial……

  6. Andrea Ditta


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