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Little Explorer

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Join us with this cute explorer and discover amazing light and much more!

What you'll learn in this session


  • I’ll explain the shoot by going through a number of images (It was originally a maternity session)
  • Cover my color theory and why it was key in this session!
  • Creating a comfortable shooting environment for the little as she was shy
  • Making use of longer focal lengths to isolate certain portions of the scene
  • I’ll show you this scene from my drone perspective and we’ll fly around the scene to give you a truly unique view of the shooting location
  • You’ll understand the lighting in this scene in complete detail (Via the drone view) so you know how we found those beautiful patterns and distinct catchlights
  • We’ll cover the gear used and settings that pertained to the light in the scene and I’ll discuss how different lenses will offer similar results!
  • We start the edit in LR to tweak the white balance and I’ll show you key sliders that will help you improve skin tones
  • We then cover the entire edit process in Photoshop and learn how to create dimension and a color palette that compliments the subject and scene!

There’s a number of gems of information in this session that will help you unlock your potential!


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