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Sisters Embrace 2021

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Let’s take a step into this awesome location and learn how we captured these sisters in awesome light

What you'll learn in this session


  • Come with me to the shoot location to understand the light patterns
  • Get a detailed overview of the location and the natural light in it
  • Understanding the camera setup, settings, and basic overview of the exposure triangle and how it influences how I set up my camera
  • Learn how I identify the micro “distractions” in this image and how I clean up the small details! The devil is really in the details!
  • Learn to make rapid selections in PS to make the recoloring process of certain objects in our image
  • How I change hues and tonalities in this image with Photoshop
  • Skin tone corrections + much more!

1 review for Sisters Embrace 2021

  1. Miria Busti-Lombardo

    Another beautiful tutorial Daniel!

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