65 Minutes All skill levels

Sisters Winter Shoot 2020

(6 customer reviews)

$19.00 USD

Join me in the winter shoot with these awesome sisters and create magic on a dull brown winter day!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session


  • Discover how I found the awesome natural light for this image on a cloudless day!
  • Creating an awesome color palette on a dull winter day
  • How I created those brown tones from start to finish
  • Understanding all my camera settings including how white balance influenced the tones of the image
  • Simplifying colors and removing distracting elements
  • Using liquify tools
  • Making use of Frequency separation to work on the skin + much more!

Let’s get learning by joining us for this awesome sister’s winter shoot!

6 reviews for Sisters Winter Shoot 2020

  1. Denisa Hasaj

    So many details you see and you work with … inspired me to prepare better before shooting, to scan my pictures more carefully, to make some extra work to get that perfect image.. thank you!

  2. Elly Staes

    I learend so much from this and the other tutorials ! Thank you

  3. Melissa Gomersall

    Amazing, iv already seen a few tutorials similar to yours but they don’t give nowhere near as much information and just seem to go so fast, iv signed up for full membership today im excited to see my growth 🙂

    • Daniel Venter

      That’s so awesome to hear and welcome on board!! We try to put in as much value in tutorials as we can!

  4. Racheal Halupa

    I have to say I have really learned a lot. I love that a raw file is included so we can follow along and edit what you are editing. I have a lot to still master but I really love the way you have taught patch tool ( something I never used before) and the way you use frequency separation vs how others used and taught it. I am mind blown by how you handle red skin. Fabulous tutorials. Best investment in myself so far.

  5. Matthew Alexander

    Learned so much! This is the second time I’ve gone through this class. Used my own photo and worked right s as long with you. I post all my photos after using your tutorials and everyone thinks I’m a pro! Awesome! Thank you!

  6. Priyanka Sharma

    What an amazing tutorial which covers so many steps in detail! Loved the way you show sunlight direction, all your camera settings, how to achieve sharp images in lens itself and adding more sharpness in post processing. Loved the use of actions included in the edit, frequency separation, dodge and burn and so on. Thanks much for such a wonderful tutorial.

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