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Fundamental of Skin Tones 2021

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Let’s solve skin tones together in this tutorial!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

In this fundamentals tutorial, I will cover how I aim to shoot for and correct skin tones

  • the 2 biggest foundations on which good natural tones are based
  • Understand my use of Kelvin temperature in achieving a good baseline of skin tonality
  • Understand the external influences that can cause color casts on subjects skin and how I fix those issues in PS
  • Working with skin tonalities that have different color variations and how I balance those variations
  • We’ll look at AWB vs Custom balance 🙂

Watch this 2-minute preview of the tutorial giving you a little insight into one of the many examples in the tutorial! See you in class!

12 reviews for Fundamental of Skin Tones 2021

  1. Diane Welter

    Excellent! The teeth whitening “hack” is perfect!

  2. Claire John-Lewis

    Thank you Daniel, I needed this for my latest shoot! Excellent tips as always

  3. Carlos Azevedo

    This is gold.

  4. Kendra Greelish

    Great tutorial and always very responsive if you have questions!

  5. Elizabeth Jansen

    Brilliant! I’m slowly starting to “get it”. I’ve always shot in auto white balance. No longer with my portrait sessions. Thank you.

  6. Erik Goulet

    Awesome, cleared up a few things I am struggling with.

  7. Musawer Choudhry

    Everyone should watch this video! Lots of detailed information about colors, color temperatures in different environments and how, why and where to place your subjects in a scene. As a bonus, Daniel also goes into photoshop tools that can help enhance your vision. This man has a great eye for detail and has a wonderful way of explaining it.

  8. Ventis Jansons

    You r star Daniel . This is brilliant !
    I want to multiply them 5 stars in review .

  9. Ana Lucia

    Excellent, very well explained, plenty of samples.

  10. Kelley Gerlach

    Consistant skin tones has always been a challenge for me. Going to add these steps to my post-processing along with taking the camera off AWB!

  11. Mary Satterlee Wilson

    Excellent information!! Thank you!

  12. Aparna Rautela

    Very well explained

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