The Portrait Artist

$899.00 USD

Join me in this month-long journey and discover how you can capture beautiful portraits too! The mentor program is for those who want to achieve results quickly with a hands-on approach

What you'll learn in this session

Join me in this month-long journey and discover how you can capture beautiful portraits! The online workshop will be held twice weekly for a month on Skype. At the beginning of each week, we will meet to cover the below subjects in detail then at the end of each week, we will recap and review what we have learned! During those weeks you will be reviewed to measure progress. You will receive cc at each step of the way as you learn these techniques! Be prepared for a learning journey like you’ve never experienced before!

Week 1. Master your Light! Learn how I capture images in beautiful light consistently

Week 2. Master color, textures, and composition. A key to the simplicity and power of an image

Week 3. The editing workflow from start to finish

Week 4. Marketing your work! learn how to get your awesome photos out to the world!

That will be a total of approx 16 hours!

What will be required from you:

Your time and dedication to this entire process and be able to execute what I teach at the beginning of the week, practice those techniques and meet at the end of the week to review how you’ve put to practice what I have taught.

I shoot most of my work with wide aperture primes like 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 135mm 1.8 and 200mm f2. If you have a nice wide aperture lens you should be okay but it’s not an absolute requirement. I’d expect you to have photoshop at minimum when it comes to post-process education. I do use LR and PS in the workflow so having LR too will be a bonus!

The aim here is to get you to understand my vision and process and hopefully to inspire you to become a better portrait artist with your own character!

Let’s start learning together! See you in class!


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