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Zero to Sharp Masterclass

(10 customer reviews)

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I’m often asked how I achieve sharp images that pop so I think it’s only fair to cover the steps I employ in order to achieve those consistent results time and time again! Let’s go from Zero to Hero and be a sharp shooter!

What you'll learn in this session

  • How to ensure you get the best performance between your camera and lenses
  • How I set up my camera in order to achieve easy focusing
  • Setting up the perfect environment for achieving sharp results with great light, appropriate shutter speeds + more
  • We view a number through the lens views showing setting and focusing “live”
  • What happens in the Post Process to sharpen up images!

10 reviews for Zero to Sharp Masterclass

  1. Vatroslav Batinic (verified owner)

    Easy to understand, simply, nice job.

  2. Ruben Castillo (verified owner)

    Great video with real time examples and useful information to make your images look very sharp.

  3. Robin Atwood (verified owner)

    This was so easy to follow. Even if you are experienced, he does a great job at solidifying the information.

  4. karima Bendris

    I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot from you, thank you.

  5. Rebecca McNeil

    Daniel, THANK YOU!! For confirming the mistakes I thought I was making and showing me the ones I hadn’t seen yet!! And for teaching me how to get it right!! Between this tutorial and the Natural Lighting one you are saving me boatloads of stress and hours of Editing in 2021!! Thank You So Much!

  6. Adriene van Dongen

    even though I am just a beginning photographer and I also have a system camera, not a dslr, I learned a lot! thanks

  7. Barbara Marks

    Very easy to understand…can’t wait to learn more. Thank you Daniel.

  8. Samantha Hardcastle

    Fantastic video! Really helped pull a lot of things together that I already knew for on location. The post process information was amazing and has helped tons.

  9. Chasity Rainey

    Thank you, learned so much from this I will be back to go over again. I just upgraded to mirrorless and love it…

  10. David Momak

    The image sharpness in Dan’s work has always had an appeal and as such this is the very first video to watch upon joining. The simplistic approach in teaching, compositions in natural light and simple post-production of each capture sets his workflow apart from the rest. Cheers!

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