Welcome to our growing range of post-processing TUTORIALS!

You're asking yourself "Why would I watch Daniel edit photos?" As much as these sessions teach you how to use certain features within Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop I give you much more than a simple set of instructions that can easily be found on hundreds of Youtube channels and other creative platforms! I provide you with the why, what and the how! I'll give you the knowledge to create fabulous work without requiring 100s of presets and actions. These sessions are extremely easy to follow that even a novice that started yesterday are able to follow and execute! Another advantage of purchasing one of our sessions is the fact that the tutorials are downloadable so you can watch them anytime anywhere you wish without the need for internet connections!

I teach you to look at your images not as photographs, but as works of art, an empty canvas to voice your creative vision on. The means to open your creative vision at camera level and beyond! In these sessions, I also give you invaluable insight into gear, lighting and artistic vision, all the nitty-gritty that I've had to work out myself over the years I've been photographing! Don't just take my word for it, but my images have featured across many platforms in the industry from Fstoppers, Viewbug, Gurushots, Boredpanda and many other social media platforms.

Come and join me in a Shoot - Create - Captivate Experience!


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