70 Minutes All skill levels

A New Family Tree

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$19.00 USD

Join me and this awesome couple in this real wedding edit workshop!

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What you'll learn in this session


  • How I found the light in this location. Understand how the rim light was created without using strobes. You get to see the location in “3d”
  • Understand how we work with our couple to arrange shoot locations and times
  • How I posed the couple and understand what I look for in posesThe mindset of the composition and the use of leading elements of the location
  • The entire post-processing workflow from LR to PS
  • Using auto masking techniques in LR
  • Recoloring the yellow hues in the image
  • Color correction of skin tones and much more

1 review for A New Family Tree

  1. sandy richardson

    This is my 4th edit I have done during the Covid-19 down time. I just LOVE this one! Again, I learned ALOT ! Great narration and having the RAW file to edit myself was a treat! I am having a little issue following along with the Adjustment Layer – Hue Saturation – changing colors but TRYING! It is in most of the Tutorials so I am trying! I wish we had a way to return the edits and get graded at this point. I am really loving these!!!!!

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