97 mins All skill levels

A Generations Autumn Portrait 2020

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$19.00 USD

Join us for this awesome autumn portrait session with a generation of girls together!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

  • Discovering the light pattern used to illuminate our subjects in this portrait
  • Understanding my mindset regarding custom kelvin temperatures
  • Do a complete analysis of the image to visualize the distractions in terms of colors and objects
  • We’ll be creating the base edit in Lightroom to tweak exposure, white balance, highlights, and shadows + more
  • We’ll learn how to reduce flyaway hairs and how to use the hair fix action
  • Learn how to recolor the pinks in the cloths to create a simplified color palette
  • Extend the Autumn effects throughout the image using the Autumn shift action
  • Making magic with the Dodge and burn process and understand what I’m looking for when painting in shadows and highlights

6 reviews for A Generations Autumn Portrait 2020

  1. Barbra Pechous

    Thanks Dan, this was so helpful. Another great video!

  2. Ventis Jansons

    Very helpful tutorial . Thank you Daniel for sharing your top class tutorials !

  3. Lisa Sucksmith

    A great tutorial and actions! Thank you

  4. Peggy Kellogg

    Very informative! Thank you!

  5. galeoncali


  6. Dave Jackson (verified owner)

    First timer here to your tutorials. Really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much, changing hue/saturation to the items of clothing was amazing. Thanks for the tutorial and your time, cheers.

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