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88 minutes All skill levels

Brothers Love

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Join us for this loving moment with these awesome brothers!

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Minimum requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 – Adobe Lightroom

Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial


What you'll learn in this session

  • I’ll be teaching an alternative light pattern to my normal open shade light patterns
  • A drone view so you get to see exactly what the location looked like and how I set up to the shot in those light conditions
  • I’ll dive into how I “broke the ice” with the boys and how I used a particular prompt to create this moment!
  • Why I chose this location to shoot in and how it impacted the DOF. You’ll also be shown a comparison between lenses and why I shot with a long lens
  • Keep the subjects sharp and both in focus
  • I use a number of HSL passes on the image to color grade as well as remove color distractions
  • I’ll cover frequency separation and color correction of the skin
  • You’ll learn how I add my “magic sauce” to the image!


1 review for Brothers Love

  1. James Hardy

    Amazing tutorial! I love how you got the boys to connect with each other.

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