110 Minutes advanced level

Embrace Green

$19.00 USD

Would you love to come with me behind the scenes of this shoot? Want to know how I found this awesome light on a completely cloudless day?

Then this workshop is for you! I take you with me on location as well as through my viewfinder to discover perfect light, unlock the secrets to working in green foliage WITHOUT getting color casts!

What you'll learn in this session


  • How I came up with the vision and idea behind this shoot, along with the overall mood and posing
  • How I found the light! I’ll be showing exactly where the light is coming from and why the images don’t have a severe green cast
  • How I dealt with the challenges of this shoot in order to create a stunning set of images
  • I take you through 3 lenses “live” on location so you can see the varied results from just this one scene
  • The exact camera settings I used, as seen through my viewfinder!
  • How to edit the greenery so it looks natural, not neon!
  • Awesome editing tricks: removing traces of color casts, giving hair more volume, and using multiple methods to create the overall dreamy feel of the image

 I’ll also be covering the entire post-process of 3 images and I’ll show you to sync the edits so you achieve consistent colors between Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll understand the different approaches to each image edit and the different challenges of each one. Find a new love of greenery, just by thinking a little more creatively!

Fundamentals of photography


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