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Little Boy Cool 2021

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Join me in this tutorial and discover how I shot and edited this portrait of a cool little boy in beautiful natural light!

What you'll learn in this session

Raw File + Actions included

  • Discover the fundamentals of how I found the soft light patterns used in this portrait of a boy
  • Used google maps to survey the location before the trip and how the location gave us opportunities to shoot in the morning and afternoon!
  • Understand the settings and how I used a mixed brand setup
  • Fix micro distractions in the image
  • Color correction of background hues
  • Skin Color corrections
  • Full Dodge and burn process

2 reviews for Little Boy Cool 2021

  1. Jammie Elkins

    Such a great class. I love the frequency separation and your sense of humor. 🙂 “Get back here boy” Haha.

  2. Freddy Gann (verified owner)

    A very good class. I love how everything is broken down into small segments that’s easily understood.

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