60 Minute 4K Video Tutorial All skill levels

Maternal Gold

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$19.00 USD

Take your maternity shoots to the next level! Bask in the beauty of the golden natural light in this edit and Maternity photography video tutorial! 

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

Actions included

  • You’ll learn how I harnessed the beauty of NATURAL LIGHT so you can free yourself of strobes/reflectors!
  • Understand the location we shot in with detailed diagrams showing sun, subject, and my position
  • Learn the how and why I chose specific camera gear and settings for this image
  • How I creatively altered the hues and saturation of specific color ranges to create a simplified yet artistic result
  • Learn my entire process to how I modified her skin tonalities with tools in Photoshop
  • How I use Frequency separation to remove wrinkles in the fabric of her dress effortlessly
  • Work in the magic of Dodge and Burn to define the shape and dimension of my subject for that soft gentle feel!
  • Posing tips to help create flow and beautiful connection

This tutorial will give you insights into my creative mindset, working with colors, advanced clothing correct, and much more!

3 reviews for Maternal Gold

  1. Ventis Jansons (verified owner)

    Very easy way explaining .

  2. sdniblock (verified owner)

    Excellent, really enjoyed that tutorial. Can’t wait to try it myself

  3. LADOWICHT wendy

    Wow thank you

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