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Maternal Mother and child

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Join our mother to be and her daughter in this little maternal moment

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What you'll learn in this session

  • A summary of the natural light patterns looked for and how I positioned the subjects in order to accentuate the rim light
  • What I was looking for in the posing and how we adjust the one size fits all maternity gowns
  • The challenges we encountered by shooting 1 hour before sundown rather than shooting for the 2-3 hours before sunset slot!
  • Advanced color selection in LR in order to control the distracting warm colors in the background
  • Further grading of color in the background in PS to make a more precise selection of color ranges
  • How to equalize colors by using the color blend mode
  • Using frequency separation to correct tonalities, fabric creases and more!
  • I created the dress for the little girl and how we matched the colors and “massage” the shape of the dress into place to match what she was wearing
  • Dodge and burn
  • Using the liquify tool to reshape subjects

We cover a number of tips and tricks in this editing and photography workshop. Some being totally experimental and on the fly!

3 reviews for Maternal Mother and child

  1. Angela Pieratt

    Amazing tutorial with so many tips to correct and enhance my images. I’m not sure I’ll ever get close to this image quality, but the information in this video will definitely help! I am also learning what to look for regarding the image background so that I can set myself up for a great shot!

  2. Melissa Jolly

    This is the most amazing edit! Who knew you could do something like this so easily (well Daniel made it look easy anyway).
    Just loving these tutorials

  3. Ventis Jansons

    Tips and tricks with hair is awesome

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