78 minute 4K Video Tutorial All skill levels

Maternal Pink 2022

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$19.00 USD

Let’s get some awesome attitude in this studio-based maternity shoot! Welcome to my world of studio work…with a strobe!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

Includes actions + Raw File

  • Learn to create beautiful soft light patterns only using a single strobe + Octabox
  • Understand the distance of the strobe relative to the subject and its impact on the quality of the light patterns across the subject and background
  • Camera gear used, settings, and some more technical based information
  • See me in action behind the scenes that will give you a clearer understanding of light placement
  • We’ll cover the creative intent, choice in colors, and the overall aesthetic of the shoot
  • See the process of changing dress colors and how we match that to the background paper
  • I’ll show you how I add a different reflection in her glasses for that added funky effect
  • Create a “painterly” end result with different tools in PS

You’ll see the action behind the image:

Over my shoulder view of the entire creative process right at your fingertips! Get creative in your next Maternity shoot!

6 reviews for Maternal Pink 2022

  1. Karen Robbins

    Beautiful! This is one of my favorites. I really enjoy Dan’s lessons.

  2. Mary Satterlee Wilson

    This is one of my most favorite pictures EVER!!! The colors and the glow and the sunglasses are all EPIC! Awesome tutorial!! Thank you, Daniel!!

  3. milestonestudio

    I’m so excited for the upcoming studio tutorials, since I’ve just opened my first commercial setting studio. YOUR tutorials have been the best investment I’ve made improving both my photography and editing skills. Thank You Daniel!

  4. Marvella Duarte Coon

    Excellent studio tutorial, Daniel. Thank you so much for doing it!!!

  5. alonso.castaneda51

    amazing tutorial. downloaded the files onto my iPad and was able to follow along using affinity photo on iPad. great work.

  6. Kendra Greelish

    AWESOME!!! One of my favs!

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