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My Corfu Adventure

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$19.00 USD

Join us for this summer holiday shoot on the Greek Island of Corfu!

Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial

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What you'll learn in this session

  • I’ll be taking you to the scene to understand how I set up and looked for the light at this location. We look for those catchlights in the eyes and how changing positions and pose directions influence those catchlights
  • What time I shot and the gear used to capture the portrait
  • Join us on our Facebook page for the live recording of the shoot. Click HERE
  • Understand the creative intent e.g how we dressed Amy and how we picked the location
  • How to scan the entire image for object and color distractions and create a workflow that aimed at consistency
  • Watch as I simplify the image colors using various tools
  • Understand how to quickly equalize skin tones using a color blend mode
  • Remove blue cast from the image (Going beyond White Balance)

1 review for My Corfu Adventure

  1. Mike Prange (verified owner)

    Always a learning experience watching your tutorials!

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