My Lavender Loves
79 Minutes All skill levels

My Lavender Loves

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Welcome to this awesome Lavender photo session with Amy and Eva – “My Lavender Loves”

Minimum requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 – Adobe Lightroom

Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial

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What you'll learn in this session

  • You get to see a detailed view of our location and understand how I capitalized on the time of day to find beautiful light
  • Camera settings and gear used
  • Color fixes using different techniques
  • Correcting dress creases using frequency separation
  • How we simplify the color palette
  • Correction of difficult background elements
  • Preparing the image in Lightroom and more…

This is where we started before putting on the creative cap! We’ll be covering the creative intent and how important color is to the composition!


1 review for My Lavender Loves

  1. Cheri (verified owner)

    Image went from great to wow! I especially liked the way you straightened out the background right below the trees after you had already straightened out the chair. I had not seen this method before and will definitely be using that in the future!

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