newborn photography
55 Minutes All skill levels

Peaceful Purples 2020

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Join us in this precious newborn photography tutorial set in peaceful Purples in our studio!

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What you'll learn in this session


  • Get an overview of how I set up a newborn session
  • How I create a soft wash of light across the little girl so that we can create that magical soft finish
  • Create a cheap alternative to wooden flooring in the studio to use as flooring backdrops
  • Understanding the mindset behind the colors
  • How I set up the camera and balanced the colors according to the strobe
  • Fixing the shine on the floor in LR
  • Correcting the tonalities and fixing up the dry peeling skin
  • Using Frequency separation and hue and saturation
  • Creating a dreamy finish to the image using dodge and burn

2 reviews for Peaceful Purples 2020

  1. Arun Sharma

    This was a fantastic session. Not only the edit part was great but also the setup for photo session was explained very well
    Thank you

  2. Racheal Halupa

    I can never get skin to where I want it. I cant wait to apply this to my next session

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