106 minutes All skill levels

Purple Pride

(6 customer reviews)

$19.00 USD

Join us for this special maternity photoshoot and share this little moment between mother and daughter!

Min. Req: Photoshop CC 2015 + Lightroom CC 2015

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What you'll learn in this session

Actions and Raw Image file included! (Including the new chapter makers and 4k high-quality viewing)

  • Understand the complexities of finding light on an overcast day and what to look for
  • Learn what my camera settings and the fundamentals of my choice in shutter speed and iso
  • Harness the best from a late winter scene and how I decide on the color palette
  • Creating better symmetry in the image by altering the clump of trees on the left
  • Removing distracting objects and colors
  • Using frequency separation to work away wrinkles in the maternity dress and to smooth out bumps
  • Using the liquify tool to reshape parts of the image
  • Recoloring of the little girl’s coat to match mummies dress

6 reviews for Purple Pride

  1. Claire John-Lewis

    I loved this Tutorial, i found it amazing the way you can manipulate so much but still have that perfectly natural serene look.
    Thank you Daniel

  2. Leah Salzwedel

    I’m not sure I will go to this level of manipulation on an already really great image, but I definitely learned a lot of great techniques. It looks fantastic afterward…now on to practicing manipulating that dress!

  3. Jong Lee

    Really good, appreciate you taking time to make these videos!

  4. pjaydubya

    Your work is incredible! Looking at the finished image while next to the original, it seems that this is all about managing light. Such an artistic eye!

  5. Tiffany Noga

    I was struggling pretty bad with the wrinkles in one of the maternity photographs I had. This video helped me even more than I expected and I was able to deliver and learn so much. If you’re questioning on if you should purchase just do it you won’t regret!

  6. Richard Wanbon

    As always, I love the step by step review of everything. Seeing you run into the stumbling areas of Photoshop editing and how you problem solved was excellent for me to learn from. Other instructors may have wanted a polished final version to share with clients but this was more helpful. I’ve seen a number of your videos and expect to learn less each time but I still find myself learning lots regardless. Well done!

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