Queen of the reds Queen of the reds
65 Minutes All skill levels

Queen of the Reds

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$19.00 USD

Start learning to be more than just a photographer, but a master of light, color and artistic vision! I take you through the entire process, from “live” on the location where you can experience the scene through my viewfinder, then back to the studio to edit what I’ve captured!

Minimum requirements:  Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Adobe Photoshop cc 2018. Adobe Lightroom 5 – Adobe Lightroom

Post Process / Photography Video Tutorial

What you'll learn in this session


  • How I came up with the vision and idea behind this shoot, along with the overall mood and posing.
  • How I found the light! I’ll be showing exactly where the light is coming from and the reasons this light works so well
  • I’ll talk you through the multiple layers used to create the tonalities of the image
  • How I used different color adjustments to grade the image
  • Correct perspective distortion
  • Creating the overall dreamy feel with multiple methods

3 reviews for Queen of the Reds

  1. sandy richardson

    This is the second edit I did during Covid-19 down time. I signed up for the 1 year program after I did my first, I was enjoying these so much!
    This might be my favorite edit . I am drawn in by the final edit Daniel displayed. Again, learned alot! Great to follow along with the RAW file he provides. I do the edit along with him and it really helps my brain understand rather than just listening to someone go on and twiddling my thumbs. A+ edit Daniel

  2. Marvella Duarte Coon

    Stunning model and location. I love the edits! Thank you for showing us so many techniques!

  3. Marie Bibby

    thank you Daniel

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